Monday, February 15, 2010


I recently found out that cuteness (me!) does not equal immortality. I have survived more than a few serious events with barely more than a scratch, and those few scratches healed amazingly fast, just like in the movies with people who are immortal or have super powers. I do not have super powers, but I do seem to have the ability to survive when others have died or gotten seriously injured.

It's a creepy feeling sometimes. It has not caused me to become a great risk taker. I am a firm believer in the payoff must justify the risk. So bungee jumping? Is the rush worth the risk? It's a personal decision. Skydiving? For me, that one is a big yes. Pack your own chute, you are responsible. And naked skydiving? Now that's huge turn on!

Yes, accidents or catastrophes can happen, that's life, and you can't control that, but some risks are worth taking. Me and my boyfriend just haven't figured out how to have sex while skydiving. It's theoretically possible but unless you started in the plane before you jumped, you only have about 60 seconds of freefall. Of course, if you open your chute immediately you'll have a fair amount of time to complete the conjugation.

I wonder if you could jump and only one have their chute open, that would slow you down enough to give you enough time to complete the act, then drop away and open your own chute. Wait! R I DUMB? I should just Google this. Someone must have tried this already. What hasn't someone tried these days!

So, personally I will say that naked sky diving gives me the jollies because the air smashing and wobbling my boobs is awesome and if you get the right angle the air zooming past your pussy is amazing, especially if you get a hand down to part it, it's a little documented total rush.

Ok, so I have successfully discussed, sort of, immor(t)ality.

I suppose I should do mor(t)ality but life's too short! HA! More important things to do.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Me au jus

"I got nuts in my hand, what else could a girl ask for."

"wetsuits squish boobs something fierce"


"I am a beer slut."

"Contemplating conundrums"